Ortho-Dynamics Orthotics Laboratory

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Ortho-Dynamics Custom Orthotics Laboratory

Welcome to Ortho-Dynamics Custom Orthotics Laboratory

Ortho-Dynamics Custom Orthotics Laboratory has designed, engineered and manufactured high quality custom foot orthotics and foot & ankle braces in the USA since 1990. This is our only business! We manufacture everything we sell and service podiatrists, orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors and other foot care specialists throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition, we manufacture a line of pre-molded (prefabricated, over-the-counter) orthotics designed for different footwear, activities and foot conditions. Our pre-molded orthotics are available through our website or healthcare practitioners.

Ortho-Dynamics also offers a custom orthotics tune-up program, replacing or repairing all component parts to their original condition.  We can tune-up any custom orthotic, not just our devices.  Your existing custom orthotics will look and feel brand new. This custom orthotics repair service is available through our website or healthcare practitioners.

Guarantee Program

Our goal is to produce the highest quality custom orthotics and foot & ankle braces for our clients. Our custom orthotics and foot & ankle braces come with a five (5) year guarantee against shell breakage and six (6) month guarantee on all component parts as well as a free six (6) month adjustment program for foot care specialists.