Pre-Molded Orthotics

“Bridging-the-Gap With Innovative Foot Care Products!”

Custom (prescription) orthotics provide the most therapeutic value; however, patients with financial limitations or those without a health care plan that covers custom orthotics can turn to pre-molded (over-the-counter) orthotics to address their foot & ankle problems.

The retail (OTC orthotics) market is flooded with a variety of shoe inserts. Most store bought inserts (also called insoles) are fabricated from nothing more than different density cellular sponge and/or foam rubber materials. They may provide some shock absorption and comfort, but little (if any) therapeutic control or support. If you can bend a shoe insert in half, it is nothing more than an insole.  Store bought inserts are not orthotics.

Ortho-Dynamics comprehensive line of pre-molded (non-prescription) orthotics bridges-the-gap between expensive custom (prescription) orthotics and flimsy (non-therapeutic) store bought insoles. Our pre-molded devices are true (bio-mechanical) orthotics, providing therapeutic support, control and stability as well as shock absorption, comfort and protection.

Our pre-molded orthotics are manufactured at the same facility and from the same materials used to fabricate our custom (prescription) devices. They utilize hi-tech polymer or graphite composite shells for arch support, bio-mechanical control and stability and are covered with cellular cushioning material and felt top covers, which provide excellent shock absorption, comfort and protection.

The only major difference between our custom and prefabricated orthotics is that we mold our prefabricated orthotics on (standard) wood arch models by shoe size, as opposed to an exact mold of an individual’s foot. This difference enables us to mass produce our pre-molded orthotics, passing the considerable savings on to you the consumer.

We offer a complete line of pre-molded orthotics, available for different footwear, different activities, and different conditions. They are available in men’s full sizes 7-13 and women’s full sizes 6-11. If you are a half size, we recommend ordering the next full size larger. If necessary, full-length top covers can be trimmed for proper fit.

Our pre-molded orthotics are not a replacement for the therapeutic value provided by custom orthotics. However, they are a viable treatment alternative (providing many of the same therapeutic benefits), at a fraction of the cost.

All of our prefabricated orthotics are available in both men’s and women’s styles except for our Silhouette and Spring Step, which are designed specifically for women’s heeled dress shoes and our Low Profile, which is designed specifically for men’s dress shoes.


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