Custom Orthotics


Ortho-Dynamics orthotic Laboratory has been designing, engineering and manufacturing high quality, innovative custom orthotics for over two (2) decades. We service medical centers, podiatrists, orthopedists, physical therapists, chiropractors and other foot care practitioners throughout the United States and Canada.

Our custom (prescription) orthotics (35 styles in total) are made using the highest quality materials available in our hi-tech production facility. We make everything we sell. Our custom orthotic styles include functional, accomodative and dress orthotics. We provide twelve (12) different styles of sport orthotics engineered to address the different biomechanics of a wide range of sport activities. Our sport orthotics include the “Super Flex”, and all purpose high-impact sport orthotic, and the recently introduced “Barefoot Specialist Orthotic”, a patented orthotic device designed for use in barefoot sports such as gymnastics.

In addition to a wide product selection, Ortho-Dynamics offers the practitioner a fixed rate pricing plan, which is broken into three (3) price categories. This approach provides the practitioner with greater flexibility in designing a patient treatment plan.

Our technical staff is available to provide assistance with biomechanical evaluation and product selection.

All of our custom orthotics and braces carry a five (5) year guarantee on orthotic shell breakage and a six (6) month guarantee on all component parts. Furthermore, we provide (free) adjustments for up to six (6) months (if necessary) for the foot care specialist.

Turnaround time for the fabrication of custom orthotics is five (5) working days from receipt of order. If you would like our custom orthotic catalog and related price information, please e-mail us or call us at (800) 275-1842.