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Sportsman Athletic Arch Supports, orthotic arch support system for sports activity.

Sportsman Orthotics


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Product Description

All-purpose Sport Arch Support System
Pre-molded Orthotics:


Recommended – an all-purpose orthotic for active people, providing arch support, control, and shock absorption. Designed for sneakers and (full depth) lace footwear.

Shell Specifications – utilizes a 4.0 mm polymer shell (posted in a neutral position) that never loses shape or memory.

Top Cover – provided with a cellular cushioning system and a felt top surface. The cellular cushioning system has a breathable surface that allows moisture and air to pass through, providing a cool, dry surface. The cushioning material is treated with biocide additive that retards the growth of bacteria and fungus, therefore reducing foot odor. The felt top surface is in-line bonded to the cellular sponge, and cannot delaminate.

Therapeutic Benefits – the orthotic shell provides semi-rigid arch support (fascia support), promoting better foot alignment. This helps keep the feet in a neutral position, preventing and treating over-pronation (flat feet) and related conditions including plantar fasciitis, heel pain, shin splints, general foot fatigue and knee pain. The cellular cushioning system top cover provides excellent shock absorption, comfort and protection. The SportsmanT helps reduce foot pain and fatigue, optimizing performance and enhancing comfort.

Length – full length

Size – men’s full sizes 7-13; women’s full sizes 6-11

Additional Information

Arch Fillers

Recommended if you are ordering an intrinsically posted orthotic and weigh more than 175 lbs. and or are very active.

Heel Lifts

Recommended for Achilles tendonitis and leg length discrepancies

Met Pads

Recommended for metatatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma to unload pressure and redistribute weight away from the painful area to a more tolerant area.


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