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The “Barefoot” Specialty Orthotic – The First of Its Kind

16690367_mWe would like to introduce you to a truly “special” orthotic that we at Ortho-Dynamics have the honor to be the sole manufacturer of. The Barefoot Specialty Orthotic is a custom orthotic that can be used by athletes that compete in barefoot sports as well as other activities, which use specialty footwear that cannot accommodate traditional orthotics.

The Creator

There have been numerous studies on how sport activities can increase body weight on an athlete’s feet up to 10 times depending on the activity. Amplified weight loads can lead to foot and ankle injuries.

After years of tending to these types of injuries, Certified Athletic Trainer and Dr. James Sullivan recognized how critical the need was for supportive orthotics that can meet the demands of heavy-duty training: extreme environmental conditions that fierce athletes and military personnel encounter.

Custom or generic orthotics that have been available for years to address these weight conditions use materials that are submissive to break down with the inability to withstand extreme environmental conditions.

To that end, Dr. Sullivan designed and engineered The Specialty Orthotic. It is virtually indestructible, waterproof, and almost maintenance free.

The “Barefoot” Specialty Orthotic is produced from a custom casting and can be simply taped to the foot.  It was engineered to address a wide range of shoe sizes and weights.

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Ortho-Dynamics Custom Orthotics Lab’s production lead-time for The Specialty Orthotic as well as all our custom orthotic products is 5 working days from receipt of negative casts.

Contact us (phone, email, social media links) to find out more about The Specialty Orthotic and be one “step” closer to healthier feet.