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At Ortho-Dynamics we want nothing more than the chance to help ease your foot pain.

Sometimes the urge is so strong and our commitments to you so serious, we may even do things to help you not become our customer.

What if you could avoid foot pain altogether?

Wear the Right Shoes This sounds easy enough, but so many people wear the wrong shoes. As you age, it is probable that your feet will change. Generally, they become longer and wider as tendons loosen. Arthritic developments can cause toes to deform and so your shoe size and width may change. As we age the fat pads on our soles decrease which means that sturdier shoes or shoes with more cushion should be worn. Keep it clean. Many people overlook how hygiene can affect the condition of feet. By just cutting the toenails straight across and NOT giving the nails an arched shape is an important preventative measure to ingrown nails.  Dry and cracked skin is uncomfortable and an “open” invitation for bacteria to enter and cause infections, so don’t forget to moisturize. And if you are getting pedicures, take notice of the cleanliness of the salon and perhaps take your own tools! Wear shoes that fit the activity. Even with the no-support flip-flops and the ball-of-the-foot-crushing stilettos, a little common sense goes a long way. So if you must wear those heels, pick an event (and not an entire day) that finds you sitting often and not standing the whole time. If there are certain friction points that you are already aware of, put a bandage on the area prior. The beloved flip-flop need not be worn on days where walking is abundant. Long days of flip-flops mean no protection, no support and no solidity. And if you overpronate, flip-flops cause your feet to roll in even more. You may want to think twice about being a “Barefoot Baby”. If your toe constantly finds the bedpost then you know what we mean. Wearing shoes means less injury to your feet. Consider your environment – going barefoot in a health club, where the risk for acquiring fungal infections is elevated, is a big no-no! And if you have foot problems already, going barefoot is a bad idea. Diabetics tend to have nerve damage that results in loss of feeling in their feet. They may not even detect an injury until the skin breaks down and becomes infected. To avoid foot pain pay mind to some simple safeguards we’ve discussed above. If you already have foot discomfort, we at Ortho-dynamics can help with our products and services that include a full line of high quality custom orthotics. We’re here when you need us!