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Foot Orthotics – Custom and Pre-molded

sportfootSo you have aching feet? If you’ve already figured out that store bought orthotics are quite simply, NOT orthotics, then you’re smarter than your neighbor and really ready to remedy your pain!

There are many factors to explore when considering custom orthotics or pre-molded orthotics and perhaps questions about both should be examined.

It comes as no surprise that custom orthotics would probably be the favored choice for foot pain. After all, what could be better than “custom”? These are orthotics made especially for and from your individual feet – orthotics that are distinct, personal and of course, one-of-a-kind. With this vantage comes a stiffer expense. So, if cost isn’t an issue, custom orthotics can be an exceptional corrective.

For a cost effective solution pre-molded orthotics can also be a successful resolution for foot pain. Here at Ortho-Dynamics, we have a comprehensive line of pre-molded (non-prescription) orthotics that bridges-the-gap between expensive custom (prescription) orthotics and flimsy (non-therapeutic) store bought insoles. Our pre-molded devices are true (bio-mechanical) orthotics, providing therapeutic support, control and stability as well as shock absorption, comfort and protection.

Our pre-molded orthotics are manufactured at the same facility and from the same materials used to fabricate our custom (prescription) devices. They utilize hi-tech polymer or graphite composite shells for arch support, biomechanical control and stability and are covered with cellular cushioning material and felt top covers, which provide excellent shock absorption, comfort and protection.

The use of pre-molded orthotics are influenced by but not limited to the following:

Where precisely is and to what extent is the foot pain?
How long have you had the pain?
How irregular or deformed is the structure of the foot?
How active are you?
Do you have any shoe limitations?
Age and weight.
(Pre-molded orthotics can be used as a primary orthotic for acute problems in young patients.)

Hopefully you can use some of what we’ve evaluated in this post to determine the quality and value of custom and pre-molded orthotics for your ailment. At Ortho-Dynamics we understand the varying needs and situations of our customers and therefore always aim to offer viable treatment alternatives and an extensive range of orthotics.